Defensive Disharmony: Top 5 Defending Howlers of 2016 - Terrible backpasses, miscommunication, and pure bad luck! Watch a compilation of some of the worst defensive errors of 2016 across all competitions around the world!

Other Videos

Gladbach 4-1 Werder Bremen: Featuring an insane volley from Gnabry and a spectacular showing from Gladbach!

Piatti rocket sets up all-Canadian Eastern Conference Final in MLS: Ignacio Piatti scored a wonderful second goal to seal Montreal Impact's place in the Eastern Conference Finals against fellow Canadians Toronto FC.

Stop action! - Amazing Premier League Saves 2015-16: Part 1

Serie A Goals of the Week 19: Higuain's skillful volley takes top spot - Gonzalo Higuain contributed an impressive goal to this week's list, but don't forget about Lorenzo Tonelli who scored on his debut in injury time to steal the win for Napoli

Unlucky! Perin parries a cross into Izzo for an own goal!

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